Monocacy Munchies is a food blog for everyday people.  The reviews are about everything from popular lunch spots to great gastropubs.  There will be mom and pop establishment reviews right next to corporate chains.  This blog isn’t about food status, it’s about food taste.  I’m sharing my magical moments of gastronomic glory  with the world (or at least Frederick County).

There will be photos, and recipes, and mixed drinks (oh, my…).  I welcome all suggestions for places to visit.

I will talk to Frederick area restaurant owners and chefs as well as their staff and clientele. New and renovated restaurants will be spotlighted; however longstanding pillars of the community and their milestones are equally important.

So join me, for restaurants, pubs, cafes, food trucks (that’s a bucket list item, never been to a food truck), event concessions, and pastry shops… if they serve food, I’m there!

Monocacy Munchies User Agreement:

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Profanity: Meh…do what you gotta do. But lets keep things PG-13 please. Also, there will be no anonymous posts. If you have something to say, say it as yourself or say nothing at all.

Food Porn: This is not real porn people, there will be no body parts doing dirty things. I’m just sharing food photography that will make Giada sound her signature moans and groanss.

Advertising: Please share restaurants and food products that are amazing. Do not sell your male enhancement or fake eyelash garbage here, I will delete it.

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