Foodie Gifts for 2016

The holiday season is upon us, in full swing if you will.  I’m sitting on the couch with my littlest munchkin.  He’s adorable, but sicker than all get out with a nasty cough and a 102 fever.  To keep his little spirits up we’re talkin about Christmas and Santa between naps.

I stopped making wishlists a long time ago, but this year I think I’m gonna make a foodie dream sheet.

1. Instant Pot

This neat little electric pressure cooker doohickey has a cult following. Seriously? Recipes that take longer to prep than they do to cook? Get outta here!!  Hell yeah, I wanna try!

2. Ninja Coffee Bar w/ Stainless Caraffe

I’m seriously over my f@cking Keurig.  K-cups are stupid expensive and honestly the flavor isn’t what it used to be.  This coffee bar does one cup or many and no extra charge for little plastic cups that pollute the earth and potentially explode all over your god damned kitchen.  Save yourself, save the earth, save some money… hell, why not.

3. Black Rifle Coffee

Want a badass morning brew without the shakes from that burnt hipster garbage being peddled to the masses? Here’s my favorite.  I’m a coffee club member, a two-bagger.  For $25 a month I get the all powerful grounds from which the nectar of the gods is brewed delivered to my door in a 2 bag format.  I change my order up when I need to and all is well.  They’re veteran owned and operated and they’ve got some pretty gift worthy swag as well.  Order some for your coffee lover and you won’t be sorry.

4. Stoneware Ooma Bowl

Very few things annoy me in a manner so intense as trying to eat chips and dip on the couch from a plate.  It’s a pain in the ass to balance that shit and don’t get me started on all the queso lost to the plate.  This single-handed double-bowled badassery is just what I need.  No more craptastic plate dippin for me.

5. Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand

I don’t use cookbooks usually, I google recipe ideas and roll with my IPad in the kitchen.  If I had a damned dollar for every time I’ve gotten something on it… I’d have a new iPad.  This stand is perfect.  Put a kitschy little print on the stand when you’re not using the iPad on it and you’ve got some fancy kitchen swag that doubles as a functional piece.  You’re welcome.

6. Whiskey Spheres

I love whiskey, but not warm.  I hate ice.  As that stupid shit melts it waters down my booze, no burning.  I can’t refrigerate my liquor, that’s just wrong.  Enter whiskey spheres and mama is happy again.  I keep two in the freezer and rotate them as needed.  Perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur who has everything else.

If all else fails, get the foodie in your life a handle of their fave.  I’ll take some Wild Turkey Honey!  Or if you really love them, find a rare craft creation they can never find.  Mine is B Nektar’s Zombie Killer.
Anything you think should be on my list? Please share below.


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