Chesters Pastry Pantry Bakery

See that humble little box right there? You’re looking at a South Jersey institution and you don’t even know it.

What the box doesn’t say is “Chester’s.”  You tell a South Jersey native you’re bringing Chester’s and thus the drooling begins.

The Pastry Pantry Bakery has been a holiday staple in my family since waaat before I was born.  When we cook traditional meals, it’s go big or go home and we have no interest in cooking the night before or the morning of.

This translates into pizza (we like Sopranos) being ordered on the night before Turkey Day and pastries being a required item on the morning of.

Problem is, I woke up last lol.  There were donuts and delicious raisin buns…but I can’t show you those…cause I slept in.

I did however get my two faves, the mini cheese danish and honey buns.  We order these by the pound, you eat them in one to two bites, and then you seek more until the beautiful boxes are empty.

As a kid, I enjoyed them with milk.  My mother loves them with hot tea.  Now that we’re all grown; we roll with coffee. Well except mom…

The honey bun is not sticky, rather it’s a dried glaze reminiscent of a magical caramel.  It soaks into all layers except the absolute center.  This one bite wonder leaves me in magical sugary bliss… it would leave some in a diabetic coma.  #hopeyoubroughinsulin

The cheese danish is a two bite punch.  Gorgeous flakey pastry smeared with a semisweet cheese and dabbed in the mother of all icings.  It’s the only cheese danish I truly love.  No one else balances the cheese and the sweet with the pastry like Chester’s, no one.

The box is empty now.  I wish there were more.  We are actually headed to Somers Point to see family today… hmmmmmm.


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