Food Photography Session 

In Hood College’s Photography II course, or Photo Deuce as I like to call it, we prepared a stunning spread of yummy subjects in Carson Cottage.

Our super talented crew spent two hours under the direction of our instructor, Tim Jacobsen, learning the ins and outs of food styling and lighting.  This was our first attempt at an organized food shoot and honestly the results were impressive.

Upon reviewing our completed photos in a class critique, Tim was very pleased with our individual choices of angle and exposure.

“I’ve always appreciated the beauty in some foods, but never examined it in such a close manner to decide the best angle to photograph. I loved how our class all had the same subjects to choose from, but we all ended up with unique images. And who doesn’t love getting to eat at the end of their class?” Jeanne Robinson, Hood College Senior

As an aspiring food blogger, I can honestly say it was a bit of a relief to be able to shoot dishes in a controlled environment where I wasn’t rushing to eat my food…that I was paying for… before it got cold.  It was also great to get instant feedback from my classmates.

When asked about the shoot Nicole Vassallo, a Hood College Senior, said, “It was a lot of fun, and it gave me a new respect for what I see in magazines.”  

I agree completely.  Not only do I have respect for the stuff in magazines, I kind of feel like I might want to try it on as a career.

However not all of us echoed the same sentiment.  Elizabeth Pantalone, a Junior at Hood College, said of the shoot, “I did have fun but I learned I didn’t like food photography. Even though food is fun because it doesn’t move and you can eat it …but I realized I am not a food photographer person.”  She did do a nice job styling this food in a cup though.


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  1. lizatwood says:

    These look good. Your food photography is improving.


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