Hootch and Banter

Swag, class, style, and originality; not gonna lie… I dig Hootch and Banter.  The staff is just friggen amazing.  Everyone is just down to earth and hella relatable.

The room is gorgeous.

This photo legit does it no justice despite being graced my my foodie friend Synn.  Take your mind to an era of fedoras, flappers, fast times, and f… no sorry booze starts with a b.

It’s prohibition style but on the high end of things.  And people, I loved it.

The lighting is chill and the ambiance was just right.  Even more just right was the menu.  Starting with drinks, Synn was instantly happy.  My lovely friend is a glutard if you will and Magners Cider is not always available for her sensitive palate.  Props on this Irish import, it’s one of our faves.

I had the Cloud, I sadly do not recall the ingredients of this gorgeous little concoction… however it did have local shine in it.  Hootch and Banter definitely lives up to the hootchiness as their bar is well stocked with everyone’s favorites as well as a few kick ass local choices. Their specialty cocktails are hella creative.

Now, the food.  Synn had the gorgeous House Salad, “local hydro bib lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, thick cut bacon, gorgonzola,lemon garlic aioli, balsamic glaze,” mmmmmm.  She was hungry as f@ck, so let’s talk relieved when this salad arrived on scene.

I did not do salad.  Hell, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even do green.  I reached in to my foodie bucket list and found myself enjoying the Filet Wellington Minis off the app list. Seriously, “white truffle duxelle, wild mushroom gravy, port wine reduction.” Yup, I had too.

You must know, ever since Gordon Ramsay began screaming at his “donkey” contestants…my heart (well my mouth too) has wanted to sample the savory succulence that is Wellington.

Well… I should have bought two.  That was so damn delicious.  The filet was so perfect and the crust…soooo flakey.  And the gravy, omfg the gravy!!! I wanted a gallon of it to go so that I might drizzle a bit of heaven on the less than amazing foods I come across in the future.

Look the lighting made a letter b in my water cup!!

I love this restaurant! The food, the drinks, the staff, and the ambiance make this place perfect for a low key lunch with friends or a nice night out with your someone special… or a kick ass work lunch cause believe you me, it’ll impress.

Go there. Now. Or at least check out their FB page. Then go there!


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