Tilted Kilt Hagerstown 

Every now and again, my husband I do venture into chain establishments.  The Tilted Kilt is a touch cliche with its scantily clad vixens, however the food is mostly good and the bar is well stocked.

The lighting is dim, the tv’s are huge and plentiful.  The drinks are not terrible, but could use a splash more booze if you ask me.  I had The Prospector, “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup.” I could have seriously put a whole shot in that sugary sweet concoction, however I do really enjoy sipping whiskey…so maybe I should have just done that.

We started with the Irish Nachos, “Fresh-cooked crispy potato chips covered with melted cheese sauce, seasoned ground beef & tomatoes.” The beef was minimally seasoned and the whole dish was a touch runny.  I would have preferred to dip the chips in the mess of topping to avoid mushiness.


Hubby also ordered the Drunken Clams, “Steamed in Guinness® beer, garlic butter & served with garlic bread.” I don’t eat clams, however he inhaled those little bastards.  I assume they were delicious.

We then shared the Highlander Sampler Platter, “Boneless wings, fried pickles, pub pretzel, mozzarella cheese sticks served with ranch dressing, marinara sauce & Monterey jack cheese sauce for dipping.” It was ok.  Nothing really different than any other kitschy sampler of assorted fried food.

Was this an amazing romantic date night? Nope.  Were my expectations high? Nope.  I came, I ate, and I left not hungry.  Success.


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