Rex’s Downtown Grill

So my buddy Aidan came with me to school last week and decided he needed some legit chicken tenders for lunch.  Some friends told me we could get a chill atmosphere and a badass burger at Rex’s, so we hopped in the car to check the place out.

Aidan loved the decor, it was modern and minimal…but not snotty.  The staff treated him like a grown-up and he was pumped to get his own fountain drink (Sprite and Orange Hi-C for my little dude).

After we placed our order, Aidan picked a seat by the window where he could watch the cars and the people go by.  He’s a crowd watcher like his mamma, so windows are great places for the boy and I to take in the sights.

Aidan opted for the Chicken Tender kids meal.  Those tenders were seriously tender.  They weren’t standard food service tenders, pretty sure they’re breaded and fried in house.  The portion was huuuuge and those fries though…

I rocked the Mushroom Swiss Burger.  Oh my yum!  Perfectly cooked and well….just perfect.  Seriously this place serves a mean burger.

Gotta take a sec and give the pickles a shout out.  I can my own pickles and these were every bit as good as my home made ones.

Aidan had to take a little break, boy got a little stuffed.

Seriously tender, see what I mean?

Here’s their menu and specials.  Aidan and I both dined for $15, seriously good deal for downtown grub.



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