28 South

Corbin did something awesome and was awarded a “purple” day at Smithsburg Elementary.  He’s in pre-k learning to be an awesome human, so a “purple”day is to be celebrated.  We picked him up from school and headed to a lunch out at 28 South in Hagerstown.

You’ll learn real quick that my kiddos love chicken tenders, spoiler alert…he got the tenders.

Hubby was seriously impressed by the beer list. He ordered a Big Bad Baptist, by Epic Brewing.  Said it was better than his usual Ten-Fidy which is a huge deal.

They had Zombie Killer, which is a rare treat for me…so I indulged in a glass-o-cider.

Corbin, or #swaggyc as his fans call him, chose the apple juice.  He said it was pretty tasty.

I couldn’t help but notice the chill industrial yet art deco vibe in the place.  The music was something of an alt rocker’s dream and the decor was minimalist but classy.

Our food came fast and hot.  Hubby had the cuban which he loved.  Only complaint was that he would’ve had spicy mustard instead of maple mustard.  The fries were of the garlic persuasion and they were soooo good, but not overpowering.  A lot of places with garlic fries leave you with the assurance that  vampires would drop dead if you dared breathe upon them.

I opted for the Mediterranean Pizza.  Delicious, lite, fresh…Perfect.  The calamari olives and balsamic drizzle really rounded out this awesome pizza.  I had enough leftover for lunch the next day.

As I warned, Corbin had the tenders and fries.  This was the first time his plate has ever been garnished and in standard Corbin form, he dutifully made the server aware that this could not be his meal because he did not order a salad.  We all chuckled and the the server offered him additional ranch dressing for his garnish should he feel inclined to eat it.

Great food, awesome beer, kid friendly; 28 South for the win.  We’ll definitely be back.


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