Lolo Peak Brewing Company

I apologize for all of the posting out of town, last one for a while.  I promise!

My last meal in Montana was a fun one.  My handsome spouse and I jumped in the rental minivan and picked a road to explore.  Our plan was to drive on it till we were a little hungry, turn back, and hit Lolo Peak Brewing Company.

We went to Idaho!!  However, in tune with the theme of our day…we were had actually arrived at Lolo Pass, it was gorgeous!  We did a little sightseeing, #mountainsfordays.  Then we turned around and headed back to Lolo, MT for some grub.


Lolo Peak Brewing Company is a restaurant/brewery with the comfy vibe of a cabin and the view of a ski resort.  The staff is friendly and awesome.  The food is killer.  I don’t even like beer and I liked their beer.

We started with an 8 sample beer flight and some pickles.  My favorite from their beer list was the Alpenglow Wheat Ale…think Blue Moon back when it wasn’t crap, but better.  Hubby’s fave was the Old Toby Porter.  It wasn’t as heavy as most and had a great coffee finish.  There was something fun in our samples we’d never had imagined as well: Fire Season Chili Ale.  Imagine and American Style Ale with a cool chili pepper finish.  Not stupid spicy, just right.  Made me wish there was chili on the menu for sure.

While we drank our delicious little beer samples, we munched on some tasty house made pickles.  Since canning pickles is something we do at home, they’re a must every time we eat out.  These were crunchy and crisp.  Not mushy at all.  They were a nice blend of garlic, dill, and vinegar.  Two thumbs way up!!

My meal consisted of the Imperial Rolls, Thai Chicken style wraps with Sweet Chili Sauce, and Hoisin Pork Lettuce Wraps with General Tso’s Sauce.  That meal was amazing!!! I inhaled every last bite.  The pork in the lettuce wrap was pure perfection, so good!


Brad had the Southwest Shrimp Tacos with Jalapeno Salsa.  He didn’t talk much, so I assume it was Yum-mazing.

I wish we had something like this here in Western Maryland, it would definitely be my go to for a chill night or day out.



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