Gordon Biersch – Salt Lake City

Check it off on the bucket list folks, yesterday I flew into Salt Lake City, Utah.  I’m well on my way to seeing all 50 states before I turn 50.  I mean, it’d be cooler if I had time to actually leave the airport but I digress…

It was friggen gorgeous.  Mountains everywhere, beautiful blue sky for days… But ain’t nobody got time for that.  It was an ungodly long day of flying.  It was late, I was hungry.

Well, we were hungry.  My husband, my soulmate, my partner in all that is foodie-ism…we were starving. Brad and I followed the signs through the airport to make our way to Delta Terminal B, and then we were blindsided.

Bradley and I followed our noses off course at found ourselves in front of Gordon Biersch.  That magnificent smell wafting throughout the building was the delicious dish for which they are best known: Garlic Fries.

Up the escalator we went.  We were quickly seated by the friendly hostess and my husband dove into the beer menu.



Bradley opted for the Polygamy Nitro Porter and happily checked it into his faithful Untappt app on his Iphone.  The waitress returned with it and quickly asked us if we had heard what they say about it…we shook our heads no and without missing a beat she quipped, “You can’t have just one!”

I’m a sucker for cheesy jokes.  Waitress lady for the win, my first Mormon joke in Utah!



Back to the food.  For me, the Marzen BBQ Burger had my name all over it.  For Brad it was all about the Mushroom Burger.  We had our orders and we waited, for pretty much 10 minutes.  Placed in front of us were fries of such decadent garlicky-ness that I will never ever worry about vampires or any other un-dead that might prey upon my throat.


Our burgers were perfectly cooked.  Our fries were so good no condiments were required.  I wish I could report back that I ate every last bite of that epic mountain of savory goodness.  Sadly, I cannot.  In a conquest of myself versus the burger and fries…I did not defeat the food.  Then again, I walked away with a satisfied and happy tummy full of food.  I won.

Unless you wanna talk about the dessert menu that I noped out on.  Maybe some day I’ll get to have Apple Bread Pudding



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