Dixie Diner

My first review should be somewhere I truly love.  Ya’ll should know, my goal is not to trash local restaurants.  I want to hi-light the establishments that make this region special. While Monocacy Munchies is about Frederick and vicinity, I live in Smithsburg.  We’re a little town with only a few stoplights.  We just down graded our only grocery store from a Food Lion to a Shop and Save (yes, my inner and outer foodie are screaming about this atrocity).

But ya know what? We’ve got a place that does breakfast damn good, and that’ll never change.

The Dixie is a Smithsburg staple.  In the mornings you can find local youth groups, fire and rescue staff, and retired locals taking in their comfort food staples.

The coffee is just coffee, the way we like it.  You’ll find no soy nonfat lattes here.

My husband loves their scrapple.  If you don’t know what that is you can leave now.  Seasonally they’ve got puddin, but that ain’t something I’ve ever been a fan of.

They’ve got delicious local baked pies, but I don’t ever go near that case… it’s dangerously delicious.  Sorry for the lack of photos.

When I’m at the Dixie, I always get the same… my order never changes.  I get the #3; 2 eggs over medium, rye toast buttered, bacon, and home fries.

My eggs have to be over medium because it’s literally egg gravy.  That yummy goodness spreads onto my toast and for a few moments I’m in a cholesterol laden heaven.

Yeah, this is a basic breakfast that I can make myself…but the people are friendly, the conversation is great, and the coffee is always hot.


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