I am so tired of hearing about all things pumpkin.  Pumpkin Spiced Latte(PSL), Jello Pumpkin Spice Pudding (yes, it’s a thing), Pumpkin Biscotti, Pumpkin Scones…Listen, I don’t want pumpkin spiced panties… yes, I know that’s not a thing…but it’s a slippery slope and the pumpkin zombies seriously need to chill.

I like only a few things in the realm-o-pumpkin: Pumpkin Pie (the OG pumpkin dessert), Pumpkin Rolls (Nana’s were fridge amazing), and Pumpkin Donuts.

Apple is by far the superior fall staple.  Think about it: Apple Cider, Applesauce, Apple Pie… apple almost everything I just named above.  We seriously need to apple it up people!

Are Pumpkins That Pretty? I Think Not!

My favorite alcoholic beverage in the whole world consists of a blend of Kraken Rum and Apple Cider (Ivy Hill is my fave).  Try it! (PS: This is equally good over ice as it is warmed!)

Perhaps my issue is that pumpkin is tainting my coffee.  I used to like Pumpkin Spice Creamer; however I have never ever enjoyed a pumpkin latte of any variety.  Perhaps it’s the spice.  Perhaps it’s the pumpkin…I dunno.

As I venture into local establishments I am seeing more and more pumpkin craze and I really need to know when this shit is gonna blow over.  Till then, maybe I’ll hide in a fall out shelter with my bushels of Pink Ladies, Galas, Golden Deliciousness (how do you pluralize that?), Granny Smiths’, and Fuji’s.  I’ll come out when the PSL zombi-ism starts to lose it’s grip on millennial society and hand everyone an apple with a smile.  They’ll thank me and take a bite, then return my smile.  You get my point.

I’m just waiting for the post Pump-ocalypse.  Catch ya on the flip side!



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