Food Bloggin Ain’t Easy

I started this blog because I love to photograph the world around me.  I also really love food.  So, heck food photography sounds perfect right? Yeah, not so much.

My first attempt at photographing utter deliciousness is a combination of a meal I enjoyed at the Great Frederick Fair and another at the Smithsburg Steam and Craft Show.

Both days were pork laden deliciousness, however before devouring my gastronomic delights I realized something: This Food Is Not Pretty.  How the hell am I gonna have a food blog full of gorgeous food if my food is…ugly? It’s so friggen delicious, but omg hideous!!

Pork Sundae at the Frederick Fair…so good, but so ugly!

Example One: Pork Sundae

I set out upon the Great Frederick Fair to find something amazing that I had never eaten.  I passed on cotton candy, sweet tea, Dippin Dots… nothing grabbed my attention.  Then a simple printed sign at a small vendor caught my eye.  It read, “Pork Sundae: Pulled Pork, Cornbread, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw.” Yaaaaaaas!

This is a food for the bucket list people.  Heavenly pork candy surrounded by its favorite starches and topped with crunchy yet creamy bliss.  My tastebuds were in heaven.  But then I paused and realized I needed some photos before I devoured the whole damn thing.  I looked at my photos as I snapped each one and realized something.  My sinful bowl of deliciousness was not pretty at all.  Not one bit.

Ugh, moist.

Dare I say, up close it was uglier.  I dug into the depths of my soul and produced one of my least favorite words in the English language: Moist.  It looked fridge moist.  Like damp but not soaking wet, moist…I shudder at the thought.  Ugh, moist.

So, a few days later I set out upon one of my favorite events of the year: The Smithsburg Steam and Craft Show.  I arrived and was instantly overjoyed by the smells.  First stop was Ivy Hill‘s booth.  I purchased my quart of apple cider (the best I have ever had and I’m a bit of a connoisseur) in an adorable mini gallon looking jug and proceeded to the chow line whilst I sipped my nectar of the gods.

Trust me when I say that this day is about pork, period.  My husband always gets the country ham sandwich.  I always get the pulled pork loin and fries.  Then we split a bowl of navy ham bean soup or a bowl of Leopard Stew.  Leopard Stew is a Smithsburg, MD institution.  Think of the most delicious veggie soup you’ve ever had and give it a pork base.  Now drop in some tidbits of perfectly cooked pork (tenderloin maybe, idk) and you’ve got Leopard Stew, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  And they cook it it cauldrons over the fire on site.  The scent is just drool-worthy.

Master stew maker preparing either ham bean soup or Leopard Stew.

Now, we arrive back at problem one.  This food is not pretty!  It’s amazing, but so ugly!

Pulled Pork Loin and Fries with Old Bay

Why is delicious not gorgeous? Why can’t my comfort food pose all pretty-like for me? Maybe the close up will be better…Nope.


Alright french fries, you’re my only hope,  Can we do it? Sort of… I guess the perfectly sprinkled Old Bay accents the perfectly crisped fries in a way that does make me wish I had some right now…

At least the fries look good.

So I ask your patience people, food ain’t always pretty.  I guess I have to try to order gorgeous vittles instead of what makes me happy…or not.  We shall see…


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  1. Kiersten says:

    I could not resist commenting. Very well written!


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